Press release - 20.02.20

[re]searching is 5 months old!

[re]searching is:

  • A website dedicated to helping Early Career Researchers plan a career outside of academia

  • A mentoring platform to connect Early Career Researchers with mentors who have successfully transitioned out of academia

  • An international careers fair, for companies to promote themselves to PhDs

  • A specialised recruitment platform for hiring top scientific talent

By connecting practicing scientists with Mentors (PhDs who now work in non-academic jobs) [re]searching enables Early Career Researchers to become informed of their career options, and prepare for a non-academic career change. Most research in this field suggests that only 5-10% of PhD students (in the biosciences) will go on to become PIs, making this an important issue that most young researches will face

[re]searching then, aims to facilitate the movement of PhDs and Postdocs into gainful employment that matches their academic background, and tackle another important problem within academic research: the lack of training for non-academic careers.

In our first quarter, we have:

  • Attracted over 500 active users, across 27 countries, around 80% of which are distributed between the Institut Curie and Pasteur in Paris and several Max Planck institutes in Germany

  • Maintained a Mentee:Mentor ratio of 10:1

  • Facilitated dozens of Mentee-Mentor (as well as Mentor-Mentor) meetings, therefore already playing an important role in career development of young researchers

  • Responsible for the direct recruitment of several Mentees (via interaction with Mentors)

What people are saying:

Marc Chevalier, Science Careers Advisor, Institut Pasteur:

“Mentoring is a fantastic way to grow professionally, especially for PhDs expecting to work outside academia. [re]searching provides an excellent solution to connect PhDs with professionals and offers the opportunity for Mentors to share their experience.”

Shauna Katz, Technology Transfer Coordinator, Institut Curie:

[re]searching uses the classic idea of mentors in a completely innovative way to address a problem at the heart of academic research – the growing need for PhD students and postdocs to find jobs outside of academia."




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