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[re]searching was founded to address a simple observation: too many PhDs are produced for the number of permanent academic positions available. What this means, simply put, is that most people who train to become academic researchers will end up pursuing different careers.

Academic researchers are equipped with a great set of skills, and tend to be highly motivated, passionate and analytical, but forging a career outside of academia can be quite daunting and difficult.

[re]searching is helping to make this easier, by connecting early career researchers - - with ex-academics - - who have made this transition already.

By connecting these groups together, we hope to create a win-win scenario, where researchers will experience a smoother transition into the broader workforce and will benefit by connecting with a large network of high-quality, job-ready PhDs.

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We are a small team of researchers based in Paris who are passionate about helping Early Career Researchers find rewarding careers outside of academia.

We want to do something about it - and if you would like to help us grow our network you can help in the following ways: