The company account

What is [re]searching?

[re]searching was founded to facilitate the flow of PhDs to non-academic enterprises.

Since its launch in October 2019, we have attracted a large user-base of both current PhD students as well as PhD mentors (who now work in non-academic industries). By connecting these two groups, [re]searching helps inform PhDs about the broad range of non-academic career options that are matched with their background and skills.

We are now seeking to connect PhDs directly to the companies that are interested in hiring them. In doing so, we hope to create a win-win scenario, where PhDs gain further insight into their career options, and companies can ensure that the right candidates find them, without the need to involve costly recruitment agencies.

Companies on our site benefit from:

  • Free exposure to our large international network of PhDs
  • The opportunity to prime future candidates with the skills you are interested in recruiting

How do companies fit in?

On creating a free account, companies must first complete a basic profile, providing information that will be used to generate a post in our careers fair.

Companies can use this post to describe themselves, and outline the type of positions that would be suitable for PhD holders. We then present this information to our user base to allow them to cultivate the relevant skills and prepare for a transition into such positions.